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In anyone’s life there may at times be crises or health issues. Personal, private or professional pressure and problems often have a negative effect on well-being, frequently leading to illnesses with a range of symptoms. Losses, conflicts, dreams, disappointments, continued stress, existential crises and relationship problems can lead, for example, to depression, anxiety, psychosomatic complaints, burnout etc.

Crises are always a call for change – an opportunity to remain still for a few moments and observe yourself and your circumstances, to try out new solutions and find a new way of living.

Fortunately there are ways to re-establish physical, spiritual and mental health or at least to ease the symptoms.

Happiness is not a gift from the gods – it is the fruit of inner attitude

(Erich Fromm)

In order to create space for self-development and to develop new skills, it’s necessary to have good intuition for needs and feelings. To get back into the “flow” of a positive life, there’s professional support. It’s important to have a respectful and trusting atmosphere between doctor and patient, so that you can talk about everything that is on your mind.

In my practice for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, I provide holistic professional support. If it’s difficult for you to talk in German, we can also do the psychotherapy in English.

Sometimes it’s difficult to take the first step and make contact with a therapist. Give me a call or send me an email; then we can make an appointment for an initial consultation.