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About me

About me


As a doctor specialising in psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and natural medicine, I have been treating people suffering from psychological symptoms and illnesses in my practice in Schwabing for over 20 years. Even during my studies in human medicine, a holistic, complementary medicine approach was of great importance to me.

I graduated in human medicine from the University of Regensburg and the Technical University in Munich (University Hospital Rechts der Isar). Following my doctoral degree in the neurological department of the University Hospital Rechts der Isar (Professor Struppler), I began my training to become a medical practitioner.
Then followed my training as a doctor for natural medicine (Stadtbergen Clinic and Dr. Vonhof), during which I gained comprehensive knowledge of complementary medicine.
Periods of study in London, Hawaii and San Francisco greatly enriched my medical qualifications.
During that time I became aware of how much our lives and experiences are determined by our mental state. Our subconscious controls us far more then we often assume. Based on this experience, I decided to train as a Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the Roseneck Clinic under Professor Fichter. After that time I became licensed to offer depth psychology-oriented psychotherapy and behavioural therapy.

I continued my professional development with training in hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson, NLP, systemic therapy, burnout treatment, couple therapy, sexual therapy, gestalt therapy, Pesso-Boyden therapy, coaching, management training, relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga, attention training, TCM and Ayurveda.


1996-2007: Design and leadership of management training sessions in the Sahara and seminars at Gut Sonnenhausen and in Château d’Orion.

In 1994-96 I completed my coach training, and I now offer individual coaching sessions in my practice.

In 2002 I began my training as an anti-aging doctor at the European Society for Anti-Aging, and I now offer a comprehensive age care programme in my practice, which draws on natural and gentle methods to preserve our health and vitality. After an extensive discussion, I will work with you to create an individual and holistic vitalisation programme.

Continual training allows me to add to my range of treatment options.

I work in accordance with the guideline processes that are accepted by the health insurance providers.